What Should I Do To Prepare?

Gurn in the mirror, ask your partner what your best side is, what ever you need to do. Importantly though think about what you get cast as, not what you want to get cast as, but what your actual product is, this will help you put together an effective package to promote yourself.

What Should I Bring?

Bring a couple of options of top. Don’t worry about bottoms, we won’t see them; its a headshot! Avoid things like bright colours, thin pin stripes, loud patterns or large text, these things draw the eye away from you. Girls, bring along some make up for touch up, you can use my bathroom to “refresh.” Boys, if you want a “with beard/without beard” set of shots, bring a razor.

How Long Does The Shoot Take?

The shoot will last about an hour. This is because after that amount of time sitting in front of flashes you will become a little weary, so to keep you at your best I keep it at an equitable time.

What do I get at the end of the process?

At the end of the session, I will email you a contact sheet of your top 50 frames. A contact sheet is a PDF file with all of the frames on digital A4 pages; the pictures will be high enough resolution for you to zoom in on each one.
When you have decided which 2 you like the best, send me their file names and I will edit them and send them in: high resolution (for print), low resolution (for web use), 8×12 (raw size), 8×10 (industry standard size) and in colour.

How can I pay?

I accept cash obviously, but if you don’t deal in the old ways then I can send you an invoice with my bank details for direct deposit, or you can pay the easy way; with credit or debit card!